Dumped in Mexico



LOGLINE: Jerry mckay is a nice guy whose problems never seem to end. behind on his rent, loses his job and is about to be evicted. he wins a trip for two on a mexican cruise. due to a series of miscommunications, he finds himself in mexico with no money, no friends and the cops looking for him. how does he get home?


Jerry McKay is going through a tough time. He’s a month behind on his rent, his wife is demanding more child support than they initially settled on, and he just lost his job. Just when things are looking pretty black, Jerry is told that he won an expense-paid Mexican Cruise for two. With no friends, and no lovers, Jerry asks the cashier at his local 7-11, Lacey if she’d like to go, and she says yes.  Jerry pursues Lacey, but she’s very cold to him, and doesn’t seem interested. They fly to Guadalajara to begin their adventure.

Once in Puerto Vallarta, Lacey’s attitude changes. She wants to go out to a bar, and party.  Jerry doesn’t have much money, but he figures that night they will be beginning their cruise, so he goes along with the good times (all the time paying the way).  Lacey gets more and more wild as the night goes on, and she ends up throwing herself at Jerry, much to his surprise. She says that she has some money, and to blow off the cruise so they can get a room.  They get a room in a posh hotel, and spend the night together. Jerry awakes to Lacey’s sobs. She tells him that she’s an alcoholic, and a sex addict, and that this is her “rock bottom”. She accuses him of taking advantage of her addictions, and kicks him out of the room. Alone in a strange city with no friends or family, Jerry has to figure out how to get home.

Jerry starts by calling his ex-wife, who claims to have no money to wire him (while she’s buying expensive items from the Home Shopping Network).

He calls his parents, who don’t believe he’s actually calling (there have been a rash of scams on seniors in their condo complex), and hang up on him continuously. With 1,500 pesos to his name, Jerry sits at a café “people watching”, and hoping to plan his next move. He sees Alberto, a drug dealer, selling Coca right on the corner by the café. He thinks somehow he can get a job working for him, so he approaches him.

Alberto speaks a little English, and tells Jerry that if he’s not buying, to leave him alone. Jerry persists, and Alberto grabs him, and throws him up against the wall. The police pull up, and arrest the two of them (thinking it’s a street brawl).  In the back of the police car, Jerry tells Alberto his story, and Alberto actually sympathizes with him (it turns out that Alberto is also sending all of his money to an ex-wife). Alberto agrees to help Jerry if he tells the police it was all a mistake. From this point on, Jerry is a Puerto Vallarta drug dealer, and has to learn the ways of the streets (something he could never do back home). After a series of misadventures, he finally makes enough money to fly home to L.A. He doesn’t know what the future holds, but he knows that if he can survive the streets of Puerto Vallarta, anything’s possible.

Creative  Team

Producer:                            Gabriel Del Castillo

Writer/Producer:                Joe McGaha

Director:                             Julian Lara

Production Manager:           Julie Finneran

Director of Photography:   Valentina Martinico